Poultry litter


We suggest our new product, the swaged straw litter pellet expressly to agricoles dealing with raising of broiler chickens, keeping of poultry parents or pre-rearing of turkeys. In the course of the production technology the active surface of straw increases, so the hygroscopicity of the product multiplies. Due to this, the the climate of the barn gets better and the occurrence of foot pad diseases significantly reduces. Other important feature of the product is the stable moisture content below 10% (mold exemption), the easy storage and spilling. By using the litter the labor demand declines, and besides the livestock’s state of health, the thrift of breeding/rearing is improving, too.


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Pet litter


100% pure wheat straw litter for pets.


It’s perfect for animals in cages (rabbit, chinchilla) or even for cats scattered in the litter tray.


Due to its exceptional hygroscopicity it doesn’t stick to the animal’s foot or fur, so it doesn’t maculate its fur and doesn’t take it out from the litter tray.


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Horse litter


Through its hygroscopicity significantly greater than the traditional litter straw’s, itcan bind more ammonia. By binding the ammonia it reduces the possibility of respiratory irritation. Due to the dedusting process the air of the box is more dustless, the barn is cleaner. The constant production technology and the controlled commodity ensures the stability of the product’s quality. Of course, to cover the animals’ needs is the primary object, but the aspects of the owner, the groom are also important. The used amount of litter decreases, so the generated manure is much less, too. (According to our experiences, with the technology we use, 60% less smaller manure gets out from the boxes.) The hermetically sealed sacks’ storage and movement is much easier than the baled straw’s. Keeping the boksz clean takes measurably less time.


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